A definite must take class for any dentist to further your career. You will learn a lot.

Kevin Chou DDS, general dentist, Bakersfield.

Dear Dr. Periklis Proussaefs,
Thank you for the wonderful course. I was doing conscious sedation for many years and took several renewal courses. Yours was indubitably the best. Very informative. Extremely to the point. Clear and very captivating. I learned a lot this Sunday and started work on Monday refreshed, energetic, and eager to use all my new knowledge. I strongly recommend this course to doctors who are willing to introduce sedation to their practice or the ones who need renewal.
Thank you.

Anna Durkin DDS, general dentist, San Marcos, CA

An oral sedation course that is practical. The difference between this course and any other course I have seen is the instructor is a true clinician that performs dentistry and surgery every day. His course is very practical, safe, and predictable way of performing oral sedation. Thank you Dr. Proussaefs, I finally feel comfortable performing oral sedation as a general dentist.

Sherwin Matian DMD, West Hollywood, CA

“Dr. Proussaefs has been a great teacher and excellent mentor. I was lucky to have him as a faculty”.

Sarah Bukhari DDS, Board certified Prosthodontist, Redlands, CA

I was very impressed, highly knowledgeable, great motivation and so much to learn from. Simply amazing mentor.

Abdulaziz AlHelal, Board certified Prosthodontist, Loma Linda, CA

A wonderful course covering everything one needs to know about adult conscious sedation including medications, emergency treatment, live demonstrations, and more. Ventura was conveniently located within driving distance from where I live in Oralnge County. Highyl recommended to all my colleagues

Ali Jazayeri DDS, General Dentist, Mission Viejo, CA

Finally, a course for OCS renewal that is thorough, accessible, affordable, and certified. Thank you for providing this course and I will be back

Jeremy Sewell DMD, Temecula, CA

Highly motivational, very informative and enthusiastic speaker.

Sergio Ocampo DDS, La Miranda, CA

Nice care was taken for our comfort. Good and healthy coffee, snacks, breakfast, and lunch. The facility was comfortable. Easy parking and easy to find, good course. About 60% the cost of a previous, similar course.

Kathy Patmore DDS, endodontist, Santa Barbara, CA.

I thought this was a great refresher course. I am definitely returning with several nuggets that I can implement in my practice.

Pat Emigh DDS, general dentist, Long Beach, CA.

This was an amazing course; so informative. I will definitely come back again.

Pedram Fakheri, periodontist, Los Angeles, CA.

Excellent course! Very practical for a beginner to start oral sedation.

Tom Lim DDS, general dentist, Camarillo, CA

Adding oral sedation to my skill set transformed my practice. The course changes everything, I am now treating phobic patients who have neglected their teeth for years and the new patient referrals keep coming.

John Magnis DDS, Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology, Oxnard, CA.

Information packed course. Great teaching environment. Lots of useful info and ready to apply techniques.

Norma Lantzsch DDS, Riverside, CA

Great experience, very knowledgeable instructor

Raedh Alhwadi DDS, Merced, CA.

Very good recertification refresher course; focused to the point.

Dara Kimia, general dentist, Granada Hills, CA

I highly recommend this sedation course. Unlike the other courses, Dr. Proussaefs demonstrates oral conscious sedation on patients while doing dentistry. This way you observe the most common obstacles and solutions while sedating. Thorough yet simple understanding of adverse drug interactions and what to avoid. Great question and answer opportunities throughout the course. I was very impressed, I highly recommend this course to my colleagues.

Laura Fathi, general dentist, Thousand Oaks, CA

Great course for recertification

Warren Gerosa, general dentist, Los Angeles, CA.

A comprehensive course for any dentist wishing to commence using oral conscious sedation in their practice.

John Nerwinski, general practice, Las Vegas, NV.

Dr. Proussaefs showed an incredible wealth of knowledge of both past and present literature as well as clinical application of oral sedation. He was very animated in his lectures which made the lectures more enjoyable and engaging. I would recommend to anyone.

Jeffrey Rafaiski DDS, general dentist, El Cajon, CA.

Very happy with all the latest updates and feel more confident after this course to sedate adult patients.

Irina Rodriguez, general dentist, Ojai, CA

Definitely very knowledgeable. Dr. Proussaefs readily answers and explains all questions. Would recommend.

. Deven Rawlani DDS, general dentist, Pune, India.

It was a masterpiece of information regarding all aspects.

Suraj Sharma, general dentist, Riverside, CA